Types of General Plumbing Parts

Although there are many different general plumbing parts that are used by plumbers. Because there are so many different parts, they have made it easier by having a few major categories that all of these different parts can fall into. Some of the major categories include:

• Tools specific to plumbing and related work like drain wrenches and pipe cutters
• Pipes, which is one of the most important parts used in plumbing and includes various shapes and sizes.
• Accessories that are often used for plumbing, which can include pipe tape, various faucet knobs and heads, polyvinyl chloride pipes (PVC), and PVC cement

The pipes that the plumbers use will be used for different applications within a home, business, or for underground applications. The pipes that are most commonly used are the PVC pipes, which are made by using a strong plastic material. It is fairly inexpensive and lightweight. There is also copper piping that you can find among general plumbing parts. This type of pipe is more expensive and is usually reserved for used in pipes and fixtures in a home’s kitchens and bathrooms. There are also various shapes from curves, splitters, angles, and long straight pipes. The long straight ones are joined together typically with couplers to create great lengths of pipe. The various shaped pipes are what the plumber uses that will allow them to fit pipes into any area and shape as needed.

Other general plumbing parts Seattle Plumbers include the tools that are generally needed to work with all of these various lengths, shapes, and sizes of pipes. Two tools that are used quite often are a standard hand saw and pipe cutters. Both of these are used to cut PVC easily and there are also other cutters that are used to cut copper piping. There is also a smaller cutter that is used in tight spaces by securing it to the pip and then spinning it several times around the pipe to cut clear through the pipe. In addition to tools, there are also accessories that are necessary to connect the pipes such as PVC cement, which is used to create a strong connection between pieces of PVC pipe. This cement is applied liberally to each piece and then they are secured one inside the other and left to dry to form a bond that is fairly permanent. Couplers can also be used to connect two pieces of pipe of the same diameter. The plumber can also use plumbing tape to strengthen further the cement bond.

These are just some of the many different general plumbing parts that a plumber uses.

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