Start Taking care of Your Prostate Health Now

Cancer of the prostate mostly affects older men ( over 50 years old ) and is a major cause of death for elderly men. The prostate is a male organ found in the pelvis area under the urinary bladder. It is a part of the male reproductive organs.

The main function of this organ is to store and secrete the seminal fluid. For this gland to work properly it requires male hormones known as androgens which includes the testosterone made in the testes and other hormones. Therefore prostate diseases will usually affect urination and ejaculation.

During the early part of this cancer there might not be any symptoms and diagnosis is done through the routine screening test known as PSA
But the usual symptoms would be frequent urination, increased urination at night, difficulty starting and maintaining a steady stream of urine, blood in the urine, and prostadine painful urination.
Prostate cancer also causes problems in the sexual functions of the male such as difficult in getting an erection or painful ejaculation.
If the cancer spreads to the other parts of the body, then other symptoms would be, bone pain, especially in the spine, pelvis or ribs. The spread to the spine would cause weakness of the legs.

The specific causes of prostate cancer is still not known but it is generally believed that age, genetics, race, diet, lifestyle and medications are the risk factors in developing this disease.

Prevention of the cancer is possible and several medication and daily intake of some plant sources known as phytoestrogens have been known to assist in the prevention of this cancer.

Nutrients that strengthen the body’s immune system together with Vitamin intake of C and E and minerals selenium and zinc have also been used successfully in the prevention of this slow growing cancer. Certain doctors have also had remarkably good results by giving a diet of mostly raw food and fresh vegetable juice to cancer patients.

But these preventive measures need to be started early. It is recommended that men in their twenties start taking care of their prostate health for the greatest effect as they grow older. I’m a big fan of herbs and prostate health supplements, probably even more than most of the people I know.

But, I’m also the first person to admit that, when it comes to prostate problems (and any other health problems), they don’t always work for everyone, in every case.

Even people who usually have success with herbs and other prostate health supplements most of the time, can still feel absolutely no benefit from others. Then, what happens is, when something doesn’t work those people will sally forth and tell everyone how “that stuff doesn’t work! “

It just didn’t work for them. Everyone reacts different to things, and it all depends on your unique physiological response, genetics, allergies, and other factors like those.

He was a cop for 20 years – saw all kinds of gruesome stuff. Like murdered women, blood and guts from traffic accidents and probably even decapitated bodies. And none of that stuff really made him sick. But when i sent him one of my favorite movies to watch (Zombieland) he got so sick to his stomach and almost threw up! He just couldn’t handle it – could not tolerate it, even though he’d seen the real thing on the streets.

It’s the same with reactions to herbs and prostate supplements. You may get huge benefits from one product or natural remedy. But feel none from another. Just something to think about.

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