Color Your Kitchen With Curtains – The new January White Sale

Ever heard of a white sale? The phrase was first developed by John Wanamaker in 1878. Wanamaker had made a name for himself in regard to department store fame. He declared that January would be the month for a white sale, which initially focused on selling white bed linens at a discount. Theorists have surmised that he employed this strategy in order to keep business steady for linen makers of the time period.

Today, the phrase has evolved into a broader curtains and blinds dubai marketing strategy. Merchants will feature steep discounts across a wide range of merchandise to stimulate sales during a specified time period. Most commonly found among household items, white sales may apply to any colored object and may take place during any month, or time period, throughout the year. In fact, when is the last time that you’ve seen a room completely focused around the color, white?

Splashes of color, unique patterns, and intriguing design themes are often found among kitchen decor. Kitchen window curtains offer an easy and practical way to add personality to a room that can occasionally get a drab reputation.. unless of course, you’re a chef with the talent of Emeril Lagasse or Rachel Ray. Sure, a kitchen is typically associated with its function rather than its style, but that is not how is has to be..

Whether you’re looking for kitchen curtains boasting superior decorative appeal or for kitchen curtains that will accurately direct sunlight into your space, there are a variety of options & styles to choose from. Ensuring that you have a window large enough to enhance with any sort of window treatment is an important step. The total area of the window should be able to reflect sunlight throughout a vast enough space in your kitchen in order to successfully exude feelings of warmth and comfort, once the curtains have been properly hung. On the other hand, kitchen curtains can also represent a symbol of privacy. Either way, finding a look suitable enough for your kitchen can be a challenge.

If you’re looking for a simple kitchen accessory, solid-colored window curtains might satisfy your taste. In order to use your kitchen curtains as a dominant focal point within your eatery, consider browsing through more thematic options. Country-themed kitchen curtains boasting roosters, fruits, or vegetables can add a childhood charm to this space. Novelty kitchen curtain options, such as wine bottle & coffee cup prints, can exude both whimsical and nostalgic feels while improving the aesthetics of the area.

In order to appropriately clean your kitchen curtains, do pay close attention to the care instructions. Dusting your curtains weekly is often recommended, as is vacuuming with an upholstery tool. Curtains are similar to rugs in that the more often you perform the necessary maintenance, the longer the respective home accent will be of use. As a general rule of thumb: lined kitchen curtains should be taken to a dry cleaner; washable window curtains must be stripped of all metal accessories in order to avoid compromising the wash; and machine washable kitchen curtains should be washed as the label suggests. The latter option is obviously the easiest to care for & maintain.

Accessorizing your kitchen does not need to stop with the addition of window curtains. In order to completely tie together the look of your kitchen, seek out matching chair pads & placemats. A kitchen canister set, coffee mug tree, or breadbox could easily help to accent your unique theme. Heck, match all of the fabric items in your kitchen.. from pot holders to oven mitts, kitchen towels and much more.

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