Catfishing Baits – Top Secret Recipe To Catch The Big Monster Catfish

If you are a novice fisherman who is looking to be a fishing hobbyist, catfishing will get you more excitement than fishing for any other fish. The most important aspect of catfishing is picking the right kind of bait. Most anglers follow one of the two techniques to bait for catfish; they either use stink baits or they use live bait.

Adherents of the stink bait technique use stench of the bait to catch catfish. They dip their perforated lures in a stinky dip to attract the catfish. These anglers prepare their own baits or buy prepared baits at the fishing equipment store. Every angler I know has at least one favorite catfish recipe that helped him snag his biggest catch. So the experienced anglers experiment with smelly stuff like chicken liver, pungent smelling cheese like Limburger, mincemeat, garlic, rotting meat of every variety, and even ivory soap. Some anglers prepare dips of the blends of some of the above materials and dip their lures or sponges in them to make smelly baits. You can make your own catfish recipe when you go   eula cant resist monster meat   fishing; mine is chicken liver dipped in Limburger cheese.

The other kind of bait the anglers use most often is live bait or fish bait. The anglers bait a live fish like a bluegill, a shad, or even a gold-fish just below their dorsal fins and dip their rods in the pond or river to catch catfish. This type of baiting usually works for larger catfish like blues who can weigh up to 70 pounds and Flathead that can weigh up to 120 pounds. You can also use cut up chunks of shades, anchovies, bluegills, or shrimp as bait. Some anglers dip their cut bait in stink bait dips to make their bait more interesting to the catfish.

Some anglers use chumming to attract cats. They spread animal blood or dogfood around their boat to call more cats to feed in that area. Chumming usually helps bring in a bigger Haul. You can spread corn flakes or oatmeal around your boat too.

Catfishes usually scavenge for food but are excellent predators too. A seasoned angler, therefore, uses both the techniques listed above to bait them. Larger cats are usually predatory and therefore prefer fish bait to stink baits. There are of course exceptions to this rule and some anglers have caught monster cats with fly fishing lures. Some people have even caught catfish with their shiny bass fishing lures. This also goes to show that techniques are important but so is improvisation.

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