Buying a Home in Hawaii’s Kapalua Resort Master Planned Community

If you venture north of Lahaina along the northwest shore of Maui you’ll find Kapalua Resort. Kapalua Resort is a private community that encompasses Padel Tennis Limassol 23, 000 acres of tropical paradise. The resort has beautiful beaches, spa and massage facilities, and championship caliber golf. The resort is positioned next to a West Maui rain forest preserve that provides residents and guests access to two marine sanctuary bays and a beautiful pineapple plantation. The resort has earned the title of Best Beach in the world from Conde Nast Travel magazine.

Kapalua Resort offers 2 championship level golf courses that have won numerous awards including #1 in Hawaii for Best Golf Resort by Travel and Leisure Golf Magazine. The Plantation Course is a world renowned course that hosts the PGA TOUR’s annual Mercedes-Benz Championship. The Bay Course is a popular stop for the ladies for the Kapalua LPGA Classic. The courses at Kapalua Resort are also certified Audubon sanctuaries. The Kapalua Golf Academy located on the resort has been named as one of Golf Magazines Top 25 Golf Schools in america.

Tennis players will enjoy the tennis courts at Kapalua Resort. The facilities at the resort have been routinely featured as one of the 50 Best U. S. Tennis Resorts by TENNIS magazine. The facilities are staffed by PBI tennis pros who can provide advice and one on one instruction to help you improve your game. The resort has ten plexi-pave courts with four conveniently lit for night time game play or practice.

Kapalua Adventures Mountain Outpost offers many adventures like the breathtaking zipline and ropes challenge tours, climbing tower, giant swing and a suspension bridge. All provide you with no only an adventure but a panoramic view of Maui’s beauty. Other adventures like hiking and biking trails, windsurfing, scuba diving, kayaking, and snorkeling for those looking to take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

The 4, 500 sq ft Kapalua Adventure Center is a shopping center where you’ll find retail shops and a variety of dining establishments that feature cuisines from around the globe such as Mediterranean, Pacific Rim and Asian with a Hawaiian flare. Other features in the center include an internet cafe and educational activities about the island. In the past, contributions from the very rich to the poor were most often made anonymously. Many of the direct recipients of charity did not even know the identity of their benefactors. Today all this has changed.

However, there is no doubt that endorsement of various charities by well-known film stars, musicians and sports personalities, coupled with the celebrities’ own actual high-profile donations, can vastly increase public awareness of some indisputably worthy causes.

Underprivileged children, homeless refugees, victims of natural disasters and sufferers from diseases such as AIDS are among the unfortunate people who have been hugely helped ” not only by generous donations from wealthy personalities, but also thanks to contributions made by ordinary donors who have been deeply moved by the charitable activities of public figures they admire.

One well-known celebrity philanthropist is actress Angelina Jolie, who uses her fame and fortune to raise awareness of the plight some 20 million refugees in 120 countries around the world. Her work on behalf of refugees began in 2001 when she was filming in Cambodia, where she decided to adopt a refugee child. By adopting orphaned children ” her son Maddox from Cambodia, and a daughter Zahara from Ethiopia in 2005 ” Jolie has also sparked interest among other prospective parents to help or adopt other needy children around the world.

Named a Goodwill Ambassador for the United nations Commission for Refugees in 2001, Jolie has toured many other refugee locations including Thailand, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, the Balkans and Ecuador. Besides pledging and donating several million dollars to different charitable causes, she also champions the cause of banning land mines.

Film actor and producer George Clooney is another fervent supporter of significant causes. These include the ‘ONE Campaign’ to eliminate AIDS; and ‘Make Poverty History’, part of an 84-nation coalition calling for a breakthrough against poverty throughout the world. He is also involved in the Global Campaign Against Poverty (GCAP), which aims to narrow the gap between rich and poor by addressing man-made factors such as unjust global trade systems, debt burdens that suffocate any chance of a country’s economic recovery and ineffective aid in impoverished areas of the world.

Together with Samuel L Jackson, Clooney co-sponsors ‘Rock for Darfur’, a series of charity concerts organised by Myspace. com and Oxfam. The funds go to support Oxfam’s disaster relief work and to aid refugees in Sudan and neighbouring Chad. Finally, there is ‘United Way’ ” Clooney’s own self-supported programme which collects money and goods from various donors and distributes the proceeds to local charities.

Jackie Chan is Hong Kong’s most famous film star. In 1988, he founded the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation to offer scholarships and active assistance to young people in Hong Kong. The foundation’s motto is: ‘To help, to heal and to excel. ‘ As Jackie explains: “Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life. Long ago, when i was a child in need of assistance, someone was kind to me. My charitable foundation is my way of passing on that kindness. By providing scholarships, grants and funding… I am helping to make the world a better place. “.

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